The Swedish Yiddish Association offers:
Free Yiddish online lectures

The Swedish Yiddish Association presents:
Free digital lectures on Yiddish topics, in Yiddish and English.
Next lecture on "Helsinki Yiddish Cabaret" will be given by international lecturer Dr. Simo Muir on April 3, 2023,
7 - 9 pm Central European Time.
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Enjoy free online lectures on Yiddish topics in the comfort of your home!

The Swedish Yiddish Association is offering free digital double lectures: first lecture in Yiddish, followed by same lecture in English. Sign up at the bottom of this page to attend! Some of the best professors and experts in the field will present a wide range of topics. This is a great opportunity to explore the richness of Yiddish culture, its history and language. So grab your laptop and get ready to learn about everything from folk tales to music, art to literature and much more. Explore the fascinating world of Yiddish right at your fingertips! - Scientist and international lecturer Dr. Simo Muir will deliver an exciting online presentation on Helsinki Yiddish Cabaret on April 3, 2023,
7 - 9 pm Central European Time.
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ABOUT THE SWEDISH YIDDISH ASSOCIATIONThe Swedish Yiddish Association, established in 1976, represents Yiddish speakers and the Yiddish language in Sweden. Its goal is to promote and preserve Yiddish culture, both linguistic and cultural, and to educate both Yiddish and non-Yiddish speakers about it. The Association's member organizations in different parts of Sweden are represented on the board. The association's vision and mission is to preserve and develop the Yiddish language and culture, and to support activities all over the country through voluntary efforts and international cooperation with other Yiddish organizations and cultural workers.

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on April 3rd, 2023, 7 - 9 pm Central European Time

About Dr. Simo Muir and his lecture on April 3rd, 2023, 7 - 9 pm CETDr. Simo Muir, renowned Yiddish lecturer at Lund University and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at University College in London, will deliver an online double lecture on the topic "Helsinki Yiddish Cabaret" on April 3, 2023 from 7-9 pm CET. The lecture is given in Yiddish and English. Simo Muir's research focuses on the cultural reactions to the Holocaust and post-war politics of memory among Finnish Jews. Simo holds an MA in Yiddish Studies from SOAS (University of London) and a doctorate from the University of Helsinki, which he received in 2004. He has extensively published on Jewish history in Finland and was a researcher in the Finnish Academy-funded project ‘Cultures of Silence’ between 2010 and 2014, focusing on Finnish historiography of the Holocaust.Dr. Muir's focus in his upcoming lecture lies on Yiddish cabaret performances that took place in Helsinki prior to and during World War II. By discovering the records of these performances, Dr. Muir was able to gain insight into historical events that may not have been documented in official records otherwise. „Helsinki Yiddish Cabaret“ was even made into a documentary film, with Sascha Lurje, Lorin Sklamberg and Michael Winograd.

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on April 3, 2023, 7 - 9 pm Central European Time

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More lectures to come on April 3 (with Simo Muir) and on May 8, 2023 (with Yaad Biran). Stay tuned!